Automated Bottle & Jar Washer

  • Automated Bottle Washer
  • Automated Bottle Washer Control Panel
About This Machine

This machine, which may be of interest to the Dairy industry amongst others, was designed to automatically wash glass bottles and jars. This suit’s, in particular door step delivery of dairy products and collection of empty bottles for reuse. The machine is capable of handling a full range of sizes and employs a number of quick-change features to keep downtime to a minimum.

The machine is built in marine grade stainless steel and cycles the bottles through three wash cycles. The first is a pre-wash cold water spray, the second a heated detergent wash and the third a hot water rinse before the bottles exit the machine for removal or transfer onto further lines.

The machine utilises factory steam to heat the water tanks but electrical heating options are available. It is fully programmable with temperature and wash time settings. It has been built to a high standard and is equipped with a number of safety features to guard against product damage. Electrically it exceeds industry standards and CE requirements.