Automated Packaging Remover (Aerosol)

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  • Auto Packing Remover (Aerosol)
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About This Machine

This machine, which may be of interest to the Contract Packing industry amongst others, was designed to automatically remove shrink film and trays from aerosol packs. The machine provides a substantial cost benefit by reducing the labour content required to perform the task manually.

Loading wrapped product direct from the pallet the machine automatically removes the outer shrink film and then extracts the cans from the tray. The trays are sent to a collection point whilst the cans travel on an outfeed conveyor for removal or transfer onto existing lines.

It has been designed to accommodate a full range of aerosol can sizes in a 3 x 2 format and is equipped with a number of safety features to guard against can damage. It has been built to a high standard and electrically exceeds industry standards for aerosol products. The film removal is sympathetic to the can and tray and allows the tray to be reused if required.